Let me officially say... Welcome to ProjectWOW!! 

What a surreal thing to say. I can't believe the idea that started as a God whisper has now come to fruition.

When I first stepped into the door of worship leading, I was blessed to have a male mentor who took me under his wing and started developing my skills. He saw potential in me and took the time to invest in that potential. Unfortunately, he couldn’t help me when I came to him with questions and struggles about being a FEMALE worship leader. I longed for a female mentor who could teach me her ways. But unless I was living in Australia with Darlene Zschech, I wasn’t going to find anyone around here. Our generation is the first wave of prominent female worship leaders in the church. And so my passion has turned to leading others up... being the female mentor that I never had.

So where did this all begin? In February of 2014, I wrote a blog entitled "Being a Female Worship Leader is Hard". At the time I wrote it, I was simply getting some things off my chest and providing a few resources for women who might be encountering the same difficulties. In the blog, I talked about being the first full-time female worship leader hired at my church. I talked about being the only woman in a department of all dudes. I talked about the lack of song selection available for female worship leaders vs. male worship leaders. But most importantly, I tried to provide resources to help counteract some of these things. I wanted to be a mentor from afar to any female worship leaders who might stumble onto this blog.

As 2014 began to fly by, I kept getting emails and responses to my blog. From women all over the world! The messages were unique but all the same… "I AM GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING." The more responses I got, the more convicted I became about doing something to help. After hearing a God whisper and talking to a few mentors and friends, ProjectWOW was born. 

I feel called to this ministry, so much so that if I don't do it I feel like I am being disobedient to God’s calling on my life. It pumps me up to know that I can be a help to other women, and moreover, help them follow the calling that God has placed on their life.

So, once again I say... Welcome to ProjectWOW!

We exist to promote conversation, community, and resources for Women Of Worship.


And would you join me in praying to the God who whispered this idea in the first place... a prayer for all of the women of worship out there: 

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this ministry. May You use ProjectWOW to bless and empower many women as they use their gifts to glorify Your Name. We pray that You meet us here as we seek after You. We pray for divine appointments as the ProjectWOW community grows. We pray for further opportunities to be Your hands and feet. We pray against loneliness and fear. Make us brave. Help us to be bold. Spirit lead us where our trust is without borders. We step out into the waves as Peter did and in the midst of the chaos, we keep our eyes solely on you. Use us, Lord. Amen.