Sometimes when you're a busy worship pastor, you're so concerned with keeping up with your own church you don't have time to check out new songs. But, there are some great new songs recently released by women worship leaders and songwriters. And while some industry lists are just people trying to sell you their own latest CD, we know these songs work live in congregations. So we thought we'd make this super easy for you, and put down 10 songs you should check out.

1) "Overwhelm Me" by Centric Worship

Beautiful stuff by Riley Erin, and 6/8. So beautiful, it had to be number 1!

2) "You Make Me Brave" by Bethel

Who doesn't need a bit of bravery nowadays? Seriously, the world is crazy. Amanda Cook, you nailed it! Thanks for singing out loudly that God makes us B-R-A-V-E.

3) "Can We Start Over" by Nikki Lerner 

This is the most beautiful communion item. Anyone else on their knees!?! Yay for less formulas in songs in church! Nikki is the hottest new worship leader in the "universe", with an epic voice and a force de jour who will feature on Project WOW. Girl, you are INCREDIBLE! Loud cheers!

4) "I Shall Not Want" by Audrey Assad

OK so Audrey is a pretty amazing worship leader to follow if you're a chick. Not only is her audience extremely diverse (and she navigates that with grace) her music is a feast of epic proportion. This song could be done with a piano (and violin, right?) and not sound like it's lacking anything at all. Perfect.

5) "All" by Lori Michelle Ruffin

How beautifully Lori shines out the message that Jesus is All. Enough to make us all want to join her and the angels singing praises to God!

6) "Can't Help Myself" by Sandra McCracken 

This is such a beautifully sung confession -- I can't help myself--- well, that's for sure.  We think it's beautiful, especially when followed by an assurance of pardon. Also check out ALL of Sandra's psalmody. For all our more reformed ladies, this is a beautiful resource, and we love keeping this tradition alive too.

7) "Purge Me" by Arrabon

Arrabon brings us to our knees as they model a way forward for the church in these dark days. Reconciliation is a prayer that resounds loudly - not cheap grace, but costly. These are words that we can all sing as we trust God to lead our communities.

8) "Forever" by Kari Jobe

We're so loving this track and it is powerful as a corporate anthem. Thanks Kari for leading out into this space! (And we LOVE your Southern charm and eyelashes, which of course, aren't needed to lead us into worship but we just love you being you).

9) "Vapour" by ‪Liturgists

L‬isa Gungor is so strong‪ly herself, and we just love it. ‬God is holy. And don't we all need a reminder of that?! This has a lovely (optional) section for including a male worship leader with you as well, a great way of modeling unity … ALL creation cries out!

10) "Oceans" by Hillsong United

Taya from Sydney, Australia brings something amazing to this song by Hillsong United. If you haven't heard it, welcome, welcome! Where have you been? It's something we've all had on repeat for months now, and it still works. May we have "trust without borders." Such a beautiful song!

What did we miss? Let us know!

And a million thanks to our worship leader advocate Benjamin Grace. Have the greatest time leading your congregation in the adoration of the majestic God! You got this!