I was once asked what advice and encouragement I would give to women wanting to grow in their worship leading gifts. My simple encouragement is that God has a plan for each of you. He has promised, and He is a man of his Word!

For all of us – that involves worship and leading others toward God. I guess my main encouragement is that we figure out what our role looks like and how we can benefit the kingdom most with our gifts. For me, it was children's ministry for many years… but in my heart I knew I had more calling and gifting for leading others into the presence of God.

It was simple obedience, getting out of my comfort zone, following the leading of God to use every ounce of my energy in trying to make His kingdom great in the hearts of the people around me. One thing that I have learned over the years is that great things rarely come from comfort zones. Time is short, and if you want to be doing the best that you can for His Kingdom and glory, step out and follow the call that God has on your life. It starts with obedience. 

I love that what started in simple obedience has continued to be just that. Every day I wake up to an opportunity to obey. A chance to say YES to God’s calling on my life. Every day you have the same chance.

I still don’t know what it will look like or how He will use me that day… but I believe my only responsibility is to say yes to Him and wait and see! Faith requires believing in things we can’t see. I choose to believe both for me and for you that He will use us in ways we never dreamed or imagined.  Let your heart go there in faith. You will not be disappointed!