An outstanding, gifted, mature individual that offers their time repeatedly - for free. Now that just SOUNDS rare! How do we attract great volunteers to join us in ministry? Here are three tips as you search for the right people:

1. Get to Know More People

Opportunity to grow our network is all around us. Make sure you take time to reach out; the more people you meet, the more people who possibly want to join you. If you work at a church, I know Sundays can feel like game day focus time. But make sure you introduce yourself to everyone you can. Find out what they do, what they love, and if it feels right, ask them if they’re involved serving anywhere. They may tell you they’ve been thinking about it. Or that their brother wants to try out for bass! Another note about getting to know people: get to know them WELL before you give the green light to serve on your team. If they’ve got the right heart, they won’t mind a thorough interview/screening process.

2. Don’t Underestimate What People Want to Give

There have been so many times I’ve been surprised by people’s hearts to give and serve. When someone comes into my life that understands what giving back to God and serving His people is really about, giving them that opportunity is a blessing not only to me but to them. I’ve learned not to assume so-and-so is too busy or too overqualified to join the team. 

3. Empower Your Team

Whatever your volunteer pool looks like right now, you have what it takes to forge a movement that more and more people will want to be a part of. As a church worship director, the best way I can find amazing volunteers is to raise them up all over my current team. Stewardship has a way of multiplying, so spend your time and efforts pouring into your volunteers, training them, and appreciating them. And know that the energy will spread.

How do YOU find quality volunteers, and what do you look for? Share your insight here and help women of worship all over as they grow their teams.

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