Let’s be honest, ladies. We’ve all done it. I know I have. We’ve come into our Sunday services consumed. Consumed, distracted and overwhelmed with life’s issues. We’ve walked through the sanctuary doors thinking about everything else besides the reason we are there and the One we are supposed to be there for. Then we take the platform still thinking about what the people in the seats (or pews) are thinking about us, our church, our abilities and extra-ordinary skills in  nailing that high note or run.

We’ve somehow gotten things twisted. We are caring more about every other person in the room other than the One we declare in our songs. We sing words like “Holy Spirit, You are welcome here”. All the while, I think He wonders if that’s actually true. Have we put together such amazing run sheets and song lists that Planning Center would combust if we deviated from it, should God ask us to? 

Here’s the million-dollar question: Have we left room in our hearts to hear Him when He speaks to us? Or are we too busy getting to every service element before the countdown clock in the back turns red and we usher in a new crowd and do it all over again? 

I’ve recently asked God to forgive me for making it about me. Forgive me for making it about other things. I’ve made it about my pain and my joy. I’ve made it about my desires and my needs. I’ve said with my actions that it’s really about what my leaders expect. I’ve made it about putting on a great “show”. And the list goes on and on of the things I’ve made it about- everything but God.

The truth is that it’s only about HIM. Our worship HAS to be all about HIM.

Remember the worship tune Heart of Worship? Still such a powerful declaration! “I’m coming back to the heart of worship ‘cause it’s all about You, it’s all about You Jesus.” The lyricist goes on to repent and say, “I’m sorry Lord for the thing I made it ‘cause it’s all about You, it’s all about You Jesus.”

WOW… perhaps we all need to repent (confess where we’ve missed the mark) and turn our eyes and worship back to Jesus. He should be our focus and desire. He is our reason to keep breathing, singing, leading and proclaiming! 

What if today we all were to pray something like this:

Dear Jesus, We adore You and count it an honor to serve You. Every day we are humbled to know that we actually didn’t choose You first, You chose us first. You gave Your life, Your all for us. And our response is to worship You… to give you our lives, our all. We ask that you forgive us for the times we have made it about someone or something else. Thank you for loving us, even when we fall short. Thank you for allowing us to lead Your people into Your presence each week. May YOU remain our audience of One. May You continue to use us for Your glory! Amen.