In our western culture we often relegate worship to a “religious” activity which only involves certain religious practices and is not common in our day-to-day life. We are most often involved in worship through our inordinate obsessions or desires. Worship often does not involve music or any religious verbiage, instead we generally engage in worship with our minds, money, and bodies everyday.

What do we invest all of our resources in?

Worship involves a sacrifice of some sort. We neglect one thing to give ourselves more fully to another. Many people sacrifice their health for their overwhelming desire for food or stay up all night sacrificing sleep in pursuit of a particular sin. In our faith, we are called to neglect everything else in order to give ourselves completely to the calling of our Savior, Christ; this is much easier stated than done. We have to bring every decision in line with a Biblical worldview and choose to honor Christ in all of our relationships. It takes daily, individual decisions on a constant basis to produce a life obsessed with pleasing Jesus above all else.

This is how we worship – being bent on pleasing our Creator, obsessed with obedience to our King all in a simple response to Christ’s complete work on the cross.