The Passion movement is inspiring and the music released from this group is incredible! Over the years, they have proven to put out quality, God-centered, theologically-correct, anointed worship music. So have you listened to the new Passion album, "Salvation's Tide Is Rising"? If not, you need to! There are some great songs on this album, but since we are ProjectWOW I want to point you to the lady songs... 

Simple Pursuit- Melodie Malone

This song is absolutely beautiful, and what an incredible message. "God take us back, the place we began, the simple pursuit of nothing but You." Yeah! That is my prayer. What a beautiful message. However, this song has a HUGE range. It might be a bit difficult for you to lead and even more difficult for the congregation to sing. 

Your Grace Amazes Me- Christy Nockels

Christy, you did it again! What a beautiful ballad with a beautiful message. The title says it all... It is a song about the amazing grace of Christ. It is especially relevant to this season leading up to Good Friday and Easter, and could be a great song to throw into the rotation right about now. This song has an easy melody and would be easy for people to sing along. 

Have you ladies tried transposing any of the guy-lead songs on this album? We would love to know what song and what key you do it in. Comment below!