I remember the entire 39 weeks of my pregnancy. My daughter Layla is 10 years old now but it seems like yesterday that her father and I were preparing and expecting Layla’s arrival. We had the nursery decked out in pink  and purple. We had the car seat installed and checked by the local police department. We had enough diapers to last an eternity, thanks to 2 baby showers. We were prepared. I had read every book I could on both delivery and raising children. We believed God for a supernatural childbirth. We prayed for Layla day and night. We prayed for the miraculous. 

As I prepared to lead worship one Sunday night, I could sense Layla wanting to make her arrival. It was a week earlier than the doctor's due date but I knew my little girl would come when she was ready and not on anyone else’s time table. Throughout our band and vocal sound check, the contractions became more and more intense but I continued to lead our team through the next hour and a half before I finally told our band MD and another worship pastor what was happening. I explained the contractions were getting pretty intense but that I wanted to, had to, lead our church and team in worship that night. They both thought I had lost my mind. I probably had a little but I assured them everything would be fine. When the worship service was over, I sat down in the green room, patted my tummy and told Layla she could come now. My husband Alex drove me home and a little after 10pm, my water broke. Two and a half hours later (12:52am) our little miracle, Layla Alexis, was born October 10, 2005.

So many of us spent 2015 expecting… praying… waiting and believing God for the miraculous. Perhaps He had already revealed to us His plan. We knew WHAT He was calling us to, WHAT He wanted to birth in us and through us. We just didn’t know the HOW and the WHEN.

And some us embarked on new adventures in 2015. We took leaps of faith, with our eyes fixed on Jesus and we went for it. Dreams redeemed from promises kept buried but never forgotten. And little by little, we began to see God’s hand and His plan in it all.

And now it’s 2016. We are expectant, like a pregnant mother, we long to see the fruit of our labor in the land of the living. We have pushed hard and taken deep breath after deep breath. But through all the pain and discomfort, one thing has remained. Our expectancy. It’s our expectation that has prepared us for a touch from heaven. It’s our faith and trust in God and His promises that have set us up for the miraculous this year. BIG things are going to happen in our lives, our hearts, our families, our churches and ministries. Revolutionary things are going to happen in the dreams that God gave us in the desert as we see breakthrough, restoration, supernatural, heavenly things will occur as we stay expectant. So, get ready!

“You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.” Psalm 65:11

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