You Might Be A Worship Leader Mom If…

  • Your five year old shouts out “Our God!” when hearing the first three seconds of the intro.
  • You carry drumsticks in your diaper bag.
  • You are known to sing-shout during rehearsal. For example, “Holy Spirit, you are…SIT DOWN ON YOUR BOTTOM!”
  • You’ve had to apologize more than once to your sound guy for your kids touching the buttons.
  • Your two-year-old can sing every word to “Glory In The Highest."
  • Your son hears you ask for prayer requests before the run through and he says, “I’m going to sit down for this. Mom does this prayer looooooooooooooong.”
  • You’ve played the piano one handed during rehearsal so you could hold that little boy who needed an extra snuggle right at that moment.
  • You’ve run off stage to dash to the bathroom and feed your baby during the message in hopes that you would make it back in time to play for offering.
  • You tell yourself it’s okay that your kids eat pop tarts every Sunday because it’s easy and mostly mess free. I mean, they ARE the strawberry ones instead of the chocolate fudge.
  • You hear this report from your youngest after church, “Well in my first class I ate two snacks. Then I ate three snacks in the next class…”
  • You feel like something’s missing at early morning Sunday rehearsal when your kiddos got to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday night.

So maybe our little ones have to go to more than one kid’s class every Sunday. And maybe they will eat a few too many pop tarts in their lifetime. BUT, they will have praise music stuck in their heads. And they do get to witness their number one role model worshiping the King week in and week out. Take heart, Worship Leader Momma’s, that’s priceless.