Prayer is one of the biggest privileges we have as leaders. If you’ve been involved in ministry for a while, you likely have some awesome God-stories within your worship community about how God answered specific prayers. You probably have some needs for a few more God-stories as well. I encourage you to embrace the privilege of prayer in your leadership role, and watch for God to do some big things. Try these 3 tips.

1. Schedule a prayer time and location

We leaders have insane amounts of activities vying for our time. So, I want to throw this gentle reminder out there that prayer time needs to be carved into your day. Put thought into how, when, and where you’re going to pray for your team. 

I decided to go to our church auditorium once a week at a time when no one’s using it, and pray out loud for the people who serve on our weekend service team. This is such a cherished part of my office time during the week, and a lot more intentional prayer happens for my team than if I just tried to include them in my morning devo’s alone.

What can you do to take your prayer life to the next level as a leader? Maybe it’s making a list of the staff members and volunteers you oversee. Maybe it’s asking someone to join you in prayer for the team. Maybe it’s deciding that every Wednesday your drive to work will be radio-free, talk-out-loud-to-Jesus time. 

Whatever you think may work, take some intentional steps to intercede for those you oversee.

2. Ask for guidance in your leadership

Intrinsic in our jobs as leaders in ministry is to have a desperate need for the Holy Spirit to guide us. Prayers for guidance should happen often, and should be specific.

In Zig Ziglar’s Basic Rules for Making Good Decisions, he simply and wisely says, “I like to pray about my decisions. I ask God to help me see the truth of my motives and to lead me in the way I should go.” 

Pray for God to help you “keep in step with the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:25)

A lot of times when an issue comes up, you don’t have to make a decision instantly. Delay your decision to the next day, and bring it before the Lord. Ask for wisdom and find out what His specific will is. You may be surprised!

Oh, and set a reminder to get back to that person, so nothing falls through the cracks.

3. Intercede by name

Oswald Chambers says that real intercession involves bringing a person or circumstance before God until you are changed by His attitude toward it (, Intercessory Prayer).

We are called and privileged to be a part of great change and breakthrough in the lives of the people we shepherd. Don’t just talk with them about their lives, talk to God about them!

Is someone in your worship community in need of healing? Get on your knees for them when no one is watching. Is one of your team members struggling in their faith? Be the sister they need and stand in the gap for them in prayer. Sometimes we’re supposed to text people we’re praying for them; sometimes we’re not.

Intercession takes time, focus, and a lot of belief. It’s a sign of a mature believer - someone who understands that their prayers effect eternity, and the opportunity to intercede for those around them is too powerful to pass up.

What can you do to stay in prayer in your leadership role? What ideas do you have as we journey together? Leave a comment below and let us know!