If you want raw, honest, reflective worship that is rooted in tradition and relevant today, then you need to listen to Audrey Assad. As the daughter of a Syrian refugee raised in a Plymouth Brethren community, Audrey beautifully combines her rich heritage with scripture to produce music that she refers to as “soundtracks of prayer.” Audrey is passionate about art, faith, womanhood, justice, and has shared very publicly her journey in overcoming a pornography addiction. Her writing is rooted in that kind of vulnerability and intimacy with our Savior.

Audrey’s recently released album INHERITANCE is making waves across the Christian music world, so we thought you might want to take a listen to some of the most popular tracks:

Even Unto Death- Audrey Assad

New Every Morning- Audrey Assad

PS... Want to know a fun fact about Audrey? She’s also part of a pop duo called LEVY. This girl is an artistic genius!