I believe our life's purpose is to give God glory in everything. But have you ever stopped to think about what that means? GIVE GOD GLORY can be a little bit of an odd phrase. How can you give glory to God? Isn't God glorious enough in and of Himself? Why does He need us to bring glory to Him? As a worship leader, this is a question that when answered, will make you want to bring every gift you have fearlessly unto the church and beyond.

What does glory mean? Dictionary definitions give two different interpretations for glory. The first is, "High renown or honor won by notable achievement." The second is, "Magnificence; great beauty." For this devotional, we are going to focus on the first. I absolutely LOVE this definition. 

We all know that God is full of glory in and of Himself. Psalm 104:2 gives a vivid description, "The LORD wraps Himself in light as with a garment; He stretches out the heavens like a tent." If you need further convincing, Matthew 25:31 says, "But when the Son of Man comes in HIS GLORY, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit upon His glorious throne." Notice that verse says He will come in HIS Glory… not the glory we give Him. 

So what's the point? Why are we commanded to sing a new song to the Lord (96:1) and praise the Lord always (Psalm 34:1)?

I have yet to hear a better explanation than a story told by Pastor Francis Chan. He explained a scenario where his daughter had come home with a terrible grade she received on a test. With regret and fear of her father’s reaction, she showed him the grade she had received. She asked her dad what he was going to do, and it was then Francis replied, "Honey, we're going out to dinner, and then a movie, and then we're going to go to sleep." 

He wanted to make the grace that Jesus showed perfectly clear to His daughter. He emphasized that it would not happen again, but it is a beautiful picture of grace. The next day at school her friends asked her what her dad did, and when she told them they began raving about how they wished their dad's were like that. Francis’ treatment of his daughter inadvertently brought glory to Francis. All his daughter’s friends praised him for what he did. Are you making the connection?

As worship leaders, we are not adding to the magnitude and perfect holiness that is Jesus. We are bringing glory to Him by simply praising Him for what He has done. The stories and songs we bring to the King lead others to worship and love Him. Knowing this truth makes our job much more fun. We not only get to bring our time and talents as an offering to the Lord, but we also get to brag on our Daddy, and rave about His goodness. I might be bias, but I feel like we have the best job in the world.