I am excited to tell you about the MVP (most valuable person) in my world. I can tell you that I try to never miss an opportunity to hang with and hear what He’s up to and what He has to say to me. As much as I love Him, He loves me even more. As much as I try to give to Him, He gives me so much more… ever have someone give you EVERYTHING?! Yes? Then maybe you know Him too?

GOD, of course, is the most important person in my world…. Above my husband (as fine and as kind as he is), more than my 2 kids (as cute and as brilliant as they are). Much more than my family, my friends, my house, cars, even my shoes (and man, do I love shoes)!

I find such confidence, joy, peace, and hope in GOD and His presence. I find great comfort and strength when I am with Him. No other human being can do that for me.

I am at the top of my game when I’ve been with Him. People notice when I’ve been with Him. Likewise, I have noticed that when I haven’t spent time with GOD, I tend to make some really dumb decisions, say stupid things and think some “not so great” thoughts. But when I have been with my GOD, I am strengthened, renewed and able to withstand the attacks of a real enemy who wants to kill me, steal my joy and destroy my purpose, making me therefore ineffective for the Kingdom of GOD.

Through my intimate and quiet times with GOD, His voice has become clearer and clearer to me. Now more times than not, I can recognize the difference between my own voice and His and when He’s directing me to do something or say something. I have seen how time spent connecting with GOD and trusting Him to lead me has equated to His promise in Proverbs 3:5-6 and my path being made straight.

Have you recognized GOD as the most important person in your world? Not merely a tool to get what you want or desire but HE is your desire? Are you consistently connecting with Him, praying without ceasing? Choose a verse or Chapter of the Bible today and connect with God…put on declarative worship tunes and listen and let Him and His presence bring you closer as He reminds you who you are and Whose you are. Imagine if our local churches had platforms and pews full of men and women in love with our Abba Father like that?