“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven." Matthew 6:1 NIV

As platform people, I think this verse is a good one for us to be meditating on.

A question we can ask ourselves, "Is my private devotion and secret life in the Lord deeper and richer than what I might be displaying on the platform each Sunday or in front of others?". If the answer is no, then may I encourage you to make your time with the Lord on platform and in front of people the tip of the iceberg. Take time to cultivate a relationship with Him that far exceeds and has much greater meaning and intimacy underneath the surface... In the secret place. Just you and Him.

In the secret place, let Him remind you of who you are and to whom you belong. As He pours out His loving kindness, may you be washed clean from the lies the enemy would have you believe about yourself, about others and about situations. May the vessel that is your soul be filled to overflow, and may that love and kindness spill over into everyone you encounter.

I'm convinced that this is the kind of relationship our Heavenly Father desires. A relationship where we drink from Him and His love, and He drinks from us and our devotion. And as we continually drink, we become a well for others.

I have witnessed leaders being used by God despite their lack of intimacy. Heck, I have been used by God despite my lack of intimacy in certain seasons... I find His ability to use me in spite of me, incredibly freeing. It gives me great peace and comfort to know that in days and weeks of feeling insufficient, He is still on the throne. Nothing is too hard for Him.

But, there is another way. A better way. A way that yields more in one sitting. A way to lead where fresh and new wine, deep wells of revelation and living water can flow. This way can only be found and served from a place of private devotion, secret intimacy and time spent in the shadow of His wings.

This post is a challenge and an invitation to go deeper with Him. No one knows your private devotion except for you and God. If you find yourself leading from a place of lack and feeling empty, I challenge you to evaluate how you're spending your time. Are you meeting Him on a daily basis? Reading His word? Creating a net for Him to speak? Is the only time you're encountering Him in worship happening when you're leading others in worship? If the answer is yes, then I challenge you to have a worship session... just you and Him.

He is inviting us to the secret place. The place where He whispers words, revelation to great mysteries, unique perspectives to problems and relationships. Christ in you is His answer to the salvation and love revolution on planet Earth. There is no plan B. We are it. Let's not sell ourselves short by living in lack, but instead find ourselves filled and refreshed practicing righteousness in the secret and private places.