People place labels on us and try to tell us who they think we are. 

And if we hear something enough times, we will actually start to believe it- their view or opinion of us becomes fact.  

We also falsely label ourselves and believe lies from the enemy who would benefit from us walking in agreement with his lies. 

The truth is GOD is the only One who determines our identity. As followers of Christ, only He can define who we are. And when we start seeing what He sees, the scales come off our eyes. A godly confidence rises on the inside and we start to operate in our full gifting and calling.

So I recently penned a poem/thoughts about who GOD says I am. Here is what I wrote:

Daughter of the King. Wife and Mother.
Overcomer. Saint and More than a Conqueror. 
I know who I am.
Chosen. Purposed. Called.
Alive. Free. Whole.
I know who I am.
Light. Salt. Servant.
Loved. Pure. Accepted. 
I know who I am.
Ambassador. His Hands & Feet.
Fearless. Strong and Unique.
I know who I am.
Healed and Delivered.
Yielded and Surrendered. 
I know who I am.
Worshipper. Poured out.
Jesus Freak…Sold out.
I know who I am.
Complete. Holy and Righteous. 
Blessed, Ordained and Prosperous.
I know who I am.
It doesn’t matter what you see.
It’s God’s truth that I believe.
And He says I am HIS.

Who does GOD say that you are? Write it down. Memorize it… get it in your spirit… let it settle deep in your heart until you believe it. Then watch how you soar, girl! ☺