Becoming a mom is a humbling experience. Becoming a mom when you're a worship leader is a very PUBLIC humbling experience. Can you relate?

I became a first-time mom to a sweet little boy about 4 months ago. It rocked my world in the best way possible. His sweet eyes met mine for the first time, and I melted inside. I don’t think I ever fully understood the faithfulness of God until that moment. In His mercy and out of His great love for me, he gave us a beautiful, sweet child we get to call our own. I now get to assume the name “mommy” and take on all the responsibilities and joys of that title… what a gift.

However, I still carry the title “worship leader,” and therein lies this conundrum. Now, right alongside the beauty of parenthood, there are sleepless nights. Really sleepless nights. There’s unpredictability in nearly every aspect of my everyday. There’s way less time for planning worship sets, making charts, creating harmony recordings, and even praying over the upcoming services than there used to be. Initially, I tried to do everything I could to keep things the same as they were before -- squeezing every task I could in between feedings, during nap times, etc. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I cannot control this life the way I used to before I became a mama. And it’s exhausting every time I try.

Then it hit me -- why am I trying to control this tiny human and fit him into a box that I’ve created? What is really my desire here? Is there a way for me to graft him into this busy worship-leading/pastoral life, so that he too can develop a passion for the Lord and His work?

My mama’s heart is that my little one will continue to grow into a passionate worshipper. That he would know the heart of Jesus and love to praise His creator. I believe the best way for him to learn how to do that is to be a part of worship here and now. Right now, that might look me humbling myself and bringing my child with me to rehearsal. It might mean he lays on a blanket by me while I sound check and he wiggles and kicks along with the music, but he is learning to worship. It might look like me pushing the pause button multiple times a day to sing praises to and with him. I get less done, but I’m training a tiny worshipper.

Remember, your child is a sponge. They take in everything around them and will learn the joy of a heart surrendered by watching and experiencing it through you. Here are some ideas for teaching your little ones to be worshippers:

  • Sing to your kiddos… LOTS! You don’t have to have an amazing voice to teach your little one what a heart of worship looks like. Show them your soul through your singing. Vary it with hymns, choruses, anthems, kids praise songs, etc.

  • Graft your little one(s) into the worship rhythms already in place in your life. For you, that might just be Sunday mornings -- allowing your little ones to join you at rehearsal and dance in the aisles. For others, it might look like your kids joining you in your personal devo/worship times or dance sessions in the living room. Whatever it is -- let them be a part of your personal worship.

  • Don’t succumb to the crazy. Now, juggling Sunday mornings or any worship leading event with a baby is no small feat. Between pumping, sound checks, nursing breaks, rehearsals, pass-offs to childcare workers, etc., sometimes a Sunday morning feels more like a marathon now than anything else. But CHOOSE surrender even midst the frantic. Allow that surrendered pace to be an act of worship that sets an example to your little one.

Right now, they are tiny worshippers. One day, they will be the ones leading us in worship. Let’s train them up in the way they should go (Prov. 22:6) and let God do the rest.

How have you gone about journeying through motherhood and worship-leading? We’d love to hear your thoughts!