We know her and love her. Kim Walker-Smith might be best known for her spirit-led and passionate take on “How He Loves” back in 2007, but she’s not finished yet. Ten years later, this incredible worship leader will release a powerful new record entitled “On My Own” -- coming April 21, 2017.

Kim Walker shares a bit about the making of her album: "The last 4 years have been a life changing journey for me. Everything from becoming a mother to my dad passing away to moving to a new city and planting a church. During all of that the Lord has taken me on a journey of ups and downs, wrestling through the different pains and emotions that go along with all of those. The one resounding message He kept assuring me of is that He is on my side. This album tells the story of that journey. This collection of songs is the message He kept whispering through it all."

As a part of Jesus Culture, Kim is passionate about helping people encounter the Spirit of God through worship. Her new album does just that. Listen to these preview songs and join us in awaiting the release of “On My Side.”

Throne Room - Lyric Video

On My Side - Lyric Video