Rita Springer is one of the most gifted worship leaders to arise over the last fifteen years. She believes that the joy of being a worship leader is to make those listening, jealous for what has been found in Christ. Making Christ famous through the art, act and physical sound of our worship is Rita’s anthem and her deepest desire is to see this arise in the body of Christ. Her motto is; “To make the Lord famous in whatever I do with my worship and relationship with Him”. 

In 2008, she began a worship school called DIVE (Deep - Innovative - Vertical - Expression). The School trains and encourages upcoming worship leaders all over the world with weeklong intensive one-on-one courses. Staying true to her calling, Rita continues to write new songs and leads worship at churches, conferences and events around the country. 

Rita just released her newest album, Battles, on March 24th. It is full of powerful anthems declaring that God is stronger than our battles. There are some great congregational songs in this album and I would encourage you to listen through the entire list. They are all so great!

Take a listen to the song story of "Never Lost" and be inspired!

Thank you, Rita, for being an inspiration in female worship leaders everywhere and being such an incredible example of what it means to point people to Jesus in worship. We are grateful for your example!