Hey ladies! 

Have you checked out the newly released Elevation Worship album, There Is A Cloud? I feel like you have, but I wanted to highlight a few songs that are great for females. 

Overcome (my absolute favorite!) is led in the key of A, but I am leading it in the key of C this Sunday. It is a great song about how our risen God has overcome. My favorite lyric says, "for every fear, there's an empty grave". What a powerful truth! The great thing about Elevation Worship is that they are full of resources. You can go to their WEBSITE and find song resources as well as instrument tutorials for almost every song! 

Another great song off the new album is Uncontainable Love. It is great upbeat song and already led by a female! Check it out below. 

What are your favorite songs off the new album and what key do you lead them in?