The worship experience in church should represent God's kingdom... it should be beautiful and diverse. Unfortunately, women are the minority in leading worship. And we, as women in worship, need a place where we can grow something that is a vital part of the church. ProjectWOW is that place. It is a tool that will help women to fulfill their calling in life. It is a place that will promote conversation, community, and resource.

I am asking that we come together, whether you are a female worship leader or not, and help support something that will give women the proper tools they need to thrive. And ultimately, our worship experience in church will represent true community and God's kingdom at it's best.

With love,

Ashley Beckford
Founder of ProjectWOW


Founder, Ashley Beckford, shares the story behind ProjectWOW and encourages everyone to help make a difference in the lives of female worship leaders everywhere.
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